Adult Skills

W/Goar Hockey - Tuesdays 9:20pm - AZ Ice Gilbert

Holly partners with Goar Hockey for the Adult Skills sessions.  The cost is
only $20 each session.  If you are 18 or older, come out to these sessions for
special instruction to learn and/or keep your skating skills!

Visit Gilbert Polar Ice Website to Register:

AZ Ice Gilbert


AZ Ice Gilbert 

5:10 pm

Special Skills

Goar Hockey & Arizona Hockey Union

Holly partners with both Goar Hockey and Arizona Hockey Union to facilitate all of their special on ice skills programs.  Goar Hockey presents three (3) hockey camps each year where Holly directs many on ice sessions.  Holly works with Arizona Hockey Union throughout the hockey season and manages their special skills nights for each of their teams.

Power Skating

AZ Ice Gilbert

Holly directs on ice power skating sessions at both the Polar Ice Gilbert and Polar Ice Chandler facilities.  Check our calendar for a full listing of events.

Initiation - Saturdays 9:20am - Various Ages 

Cubs - Saturdays 10:05am - Ages 2 to 4 

Mini Mites Wednesdays 5:10pm & Saturdays 10:20am - Ages 2 - 7

Daily Sessions Available 

Call/Email Holly to Schedule

Arizona Hockey Union  

Team Specific Only - No Public

Mondays 6:30pm -7:40pm

Figure Skating

AZ Ice Gilbert

Holly can be your personal coach!  She provides all services including choreography, music, and of course coaching.

Visit AZ Ice  Website to Register:

AZ Ice Gilbert

Arizona Coyotes - Kids First

AZ Ice Gilbert

Holly has lead the charge for the Phoenix Coyotes - Kids First program at Gilbert Polar Ice.  She taught countless children how to skate, and invests in every single one from beginning to graduation of the program.

Goar Hockey Camps

Spring Break, Summer, and Fall Break

Private Lessons

AZ Ice Gilbert

Holly has many private clients where she puts together either one-on-one sessions, or small groups sessions to work on specific player desired skills.

Sessions run every other month:

Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov

If you would like to volunteer to help Holly on the ice, please email her to let her know.

​Click Here to Register: Kids First Hockey Clinic

Daily Sessions Available 

Call/Email Holly to Schedule

AZ Ice Gilbert

Initiation, Cubs & Mini Mites

AZ Ice Gilbert

The beginning stages of your hockey/skating lessons begin here!  Holly has built the Gilbert Polar Ice start-off programs to be the best in the Valley. 

Tuesdays - 9:20pm

​$20 per session