"I have worked with Holly, on my skating, for 11 years. I have tried out , and made, all of the teams I have wanted to be on and every coach has complemented me on my skating ability. She has also made my balance on the ice so good that almost nothing knocks me down. This is a great skill to have since I am a defensemen. I can stand my ground on the blue line and in front of the net stopping every one that tries to get by me. Holly is the best power skating instructor I have worked with and I still go to her skates today.

​- Keaton Caplis

"Holly Harrington was a huge part of my hockey life growing up.  I skated with her multiple times each week during my childhood and adolescent years.  Her experience, attention to detail, and passion for skating and the sport of hockey is what makes her a top notch instructor.  She is not the type of person to allow skaters to slack off during drills and she will make that point loud and clear.  With that, she loves to see her students succeed.  I cannot remember one time where Holly gave up on me during a drill that I was struggling with.  Skating with Holly was essential for me to move on from youth hockey to juniors and on to play for Northern Arizona University.  I encourage every hockey player to skate with Holly.  Her sessions will not only improve your skating skills but will impact every level of your development.". 

​- Adam Surber - Northern Arizona University, Division II

"Because I grew up in a small, one rink town, it was hard to give my game the extra push it needed.  Thinking back to my youth hockey years, I will always remember the one on one technical training and advice I received from going to Holly’s skates.  I strongly believe she helped me become the player I am today." 
- Miles Lengyel - Shattuk St. Marry - Midget AA
"Having progressed through the ranks of youth AAA, Junior A and collegiate hockey, my skating ability is what separated me.  At every level I played, the pace of play quickened.  As opponents got smarter, the ability to skate gave me my edge.  Without the strong foundation I gained during my summer lessons with Holly, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have played college hockey.  Skating takes a very specific set of skills that cannot often be developed during a game or team practice.  Holly’s hands on, personal, and small group instruction allowed me to take my game to the next level.  I highly encourage – and challenge – any inspiring hockey player to spend the summer with her."

- Jon Bobb - West Point Hockey

"My first skating instructor was Holly, not only did she come out to our practices when I played for the Phoenix Firebirds, but she would run power skating clinics. She not only taught me how to be strong, calm, and collected on my feet, but also my edge control as to tight turns and pivots. Thanks to Holly as I played semi-professional hockey in the WHL for 5 years (Kelowna, Swift Current, Seattle) but ending my career in the AHL with the Chicago Wolves."

​- Kyle Verdino - Chicago Wolves - American Hockey League

"Skating is the most essential part of ice hockey. It doesn't matter whether you are 5' 5", or 6' 4", if you can't skate fluidly you won't have an impact on the ice. Skating is the biggest p​art of moving up in the ranks of hockey. If it weren't for Holly's teaching I wouldn't be where I am today."

​- Cody Gylling - Amarillo Bulls NAHL & Fargo Force USHL Draftee

"A story I remember when we were doing a summer skate at Oceanside one time, there was only about 10 or so of us and Holly.  Holly had us put on figure skates just to show how difficult figure skating was lol…  I personally think skating is the most important skill a hockey player can have, unfortunately kids don’t really realize how vital it is to be a good skater until they get older, but they will learn. Skating is something that can always be improved.  You can always gain that extra step to get to that higher gear and I think I got that from skating with Holly."
- Drew Newmeyer – Arizona State University, Division I
" Holly was instrumental in my development at a young age in power skating. Learning power skating fundamentals at a young age is an essential characteristic a hockey player needs to be the best player they can be. I am not the biggest, or most talented player, but being a good skater has gotten me to player Division I Hockey." 
- Katie McGovern - University of Minnesota - Duluth
" The game of hockey is constantly progressing and getting faster. Without the ability to skate, be quick on your feet, and strong on the puck; you will quickly become a non-factor. It is nearly impossible to play at the next level without speed. As you can see with high level hockey, those who have the ability to skate will be able to adapt to the game's intensity. Skating also gives you the confidence to wheel with the puck and create opportunities. Holly has always implemented key techniques to help enhance my skating abilities. When I was younger she would constantly tweek the mechanics of my skating to get the most out of my stride. Skating is the most important skill a hockey player can posses among puck handling, vision, physicality etc. I highly recommend young hockey players to take their skating just as serious as other aspects of the game. Don't stray away from the fundamentals. Sometimes young players will focus more on their shot or puck handling, instead if you incorporate puck handling and skating you increase your chances of creating time and space against the opposition. I appreciate Holly's instruction and her love for the game itself." 
- Daniel Gowans - Brandford Bulls - Tier II Jr A and former Phoenix Knight
"I was first introduced to Holly when I started playing hockey at the age of 7. Even then she had a reputation for producing the best skaters around. Her unique perspective, style, and approach to the art of skating are second to none. Power Skating isn’t just trying to skate as fast as you can up and down the ice. It’s the proper use of edge control, body weight transition and understanding how and when to use it to your advantage. Once you gain this perspective you will begin to reap the rewards of your hard work. Holly has been an instrumental part of my development throughout my hockey career. The one constant in this sport is the speed of the game always increases as you advance to the next level. Thanks to Holly I have been able to play this sport at a high level and continue to reach my goals. The bottom line is 'If you can’t skate…You can’t play'."- Seth Gustin – Niagara University Purple Eagles
"What it means to be able to skate. You have to be able to skate in all directions at any given moment in a game of hockey. This is why it is very important to be able to do this and to do this well. Holly taught me how to skate starting when I was in Mites and all the way though my last year of Midget 18’s. When I was with Holly she taught me how to get the most out of my skating abilities as anyone can. I was not a very strong skater when I was younger and did not play much hockey beforehand but thanks to Holly I have been able to make any team that I have tried out for. Just because you are a good stick handler or shooter that doesn’t matter if you can’t skate. When you get into the upper levels of hockey it is all about speed and being able to make more ice for yourself by moving. So thank you Holly for all of your hard work you put into me. But you know you enjoyed it."
- Ian Shaeffer - Northern Arizona University
"Who you train with says a lot about what kind of athlete you are.  To be the best, you have to train with the best.  Since the age of 7, Holly has been perfecting my stride and skating and still does today.  Because of her I have played competitive hockey at high levels and am still currently moving up the ranks.  Right now I currently play NCAA in Wisconsin and visit Holly every summer to learn and polish up my skating.  I will continue to do so as long as I play this game."

​- Brandon Fehd - Northland College 

"Holly was one of the best skating coaches in the state when I was playing youth hockey and she is a big reason why I feel confident about my skating today.  College hockey is a fast game and to have a great foundation for the fundamentals of skating at a pretty young age was a huge advantage."  

- Aaron Ave - Princeton University

"Since I was roughly 10 years old, I wanted to become a better hockey skater, and the best coaches in town were clearly known as Holly and Kurt taking players and teams from Arizona to the top level.  Holly always pushed me to the next level every single practice, emphasizing on pushing yourself to the next level to competitively be better than the next hockey player in a tryout or tournament which is necessary, but she was the best. She did not do this as a job to have, she clearly loved every single one of her players like a mother who truly wanted to better ourselves as hockey players or people. It was clear that their were multiple individuals who were trained by Holly similar to me who became NCAA or even professional hockey players, therefore, the dream can come true with the right trainers;  Holly Harrington was very aware that no matter how hard she may push me or the pain to develop, she knew exactly how to bring the competitiveness out of every player in any aspect; ie: School, hockey, personal life. Through Holly's efforts she encouraged me to be successful in life in general. At a young age of course, everyone's dream is to play college hockey or make it to the "top," and I knew when I was young through her strategic skating teachings I would be successful at whatever would fall into place when I turned 18 years old.  Around this time, I had the honor of assisting Kurt and Holly run their summer hockey camps for two summers and demonstrate majority of the power skating clinics as well as Learn-to-Skate Programs.  This valued what Holly did herself; giving back to the kids and community who have the same heart and desire Holly or even I had to grow a community.  At 18 years old after many years of hard work with Holly, I did have opportunities to play junior hockey, however, I had an even better opportunity to be competitively successful receiving an education at Arizona State University.  I even played for the ASU Sun Devils Division II Club Hockey team; the team was still very competitive with talented players across the country while receiving a full-time education and played very well throughout the year.  Unfortunately, hockey was a bit expensive on top of tuition for my family to afford; so I made a commitment to become educated and start hitting the books to become successful in whatever I pursue.  Holly would give me hundreds of community service hours in which I assisted her with, which also helped my elite fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon win the best chapter internationally; my name was featured as a primary contributor to community service thanks to Holly.  This last May I graduated Arizona State University with a business degree, however, I was competitive and wanted more like Holly taught me in life; I fought all summer to take my GMAT and eventually be accepted as a Master's in Management student at the W.P. Carey School of Business.  I was an extremely shy and not the hardest working kid; then I met Holly who completely flipped my work ethic and competitive drive to be successful in what I pursue.  I honestly could not thank Holly enough for how many good things she has done for me, and most of all she believed in me, like she will do with all your children!  Now, as I'm approaching the end of my Master's degree, throughout the past several months through my personal fire and desire to get a solid job in a tough economy, I have roughly 30-40 companies that are in mind I can work for.  As a top 25 ranked Arizona State Sun Devil, I am personally trying to make it in the most competitive environment as well, Wall Street, where they only recruit Ivy league students.  However, through my hard-work in the classroom, as well as top of the market entrepreneurship recently in NYC, I am speaking to some top firms I will hopefully work for in New York City or stay in the valley as well with a wonderful future ahead of me.  I'm telling you right now, if it wasn't for Holly's "tough love" to excel in life, I would not be this hungry to be one of the most successful people in this country at 22 years old right now.  Learning how to play the game of hockey is far far more then just the sport, and Holly will teach this, it's about the fundamentals of life; how you will develop, advance, improve, beat the next, and most of all be a good person for this society; and if it wasn't for Holly, I would not be holding my 2nd degree from a top institution at this young of an age, and any child can be as successful as well with the right support.  Thank you Holly and Kurt for all you have done." 
- Adam Daha - Arizona State University
"One of my earliest memories in hockey is power skating with Holly Harrington in Arizona. When my friends and I were younger, players who attended Holly’s camps were easily distinguished from those who did not.  I can personally attest to the value of her teaching skills and I owe her an immense amount of gratitude for contributing to my development in hockey over the years.  To this day, I take the ice with the strides she taught me, and how to use the power in my legs.  Skating is the single most important skill when it comes to moving up to higher levels of hockey and should be treated as your first priority in trying to improve your game."

​- Joey Holka - St. Cloud State University, Division I

"Growing up, our teams always used Holly as our skating coach during practice.  It is no surprise that we had so many high-level players who are currently playing professionally or in Division I colleges.  At the next level being a great skater is the biggest advantage a player can have." 

- Eric Ferber - Robert Morris NCAA, Division I

"I have been working with Holly since I started skating at the age of 7.  She has been a vital part in my development throughout my hockey career.  Holly’s knowledge of skating and the skating stride itself, is world class.  Sessions with Holly provide opportunities to hone your skating with proper technique to make yourself a dynamic skater.  Skating with Holly is essential to any hockey player in Arizona that wants to take their game to the next level."  
- Andrew Hamburg
"The game of hockey isn’t all about scoring goals or fighting.  It involves tons of edge work and balance.  Without it, you wouldn’t be able to play the game!  Power skating classes with Holly have improved my skating ability tremendously.  Without power skating I would not be where I am today.  Power skating can improve your game in many different ways!  It teaches you how to control and use your edges of your skates properly.  It also teaches you the importance of balance and how to accelerate to your top speed.  Edge work is the key to success in the game of hockey, without knowing how to use your edges the correct way, you will have no balance and you will not be able to generate your max speed.  Power skating classes with Coach Holly I absolutely hated going to, honestly, I hated the fact of no pucks, just feet and edge work.  But looking back at it now, I am very grateful I had the opportunity to listen and be in these classes.   It improved and helped my game so much.  Power skating can be fun as well if you are willing to work hard and pay attention, I promise you it pays off in the long run.  Without the help of Coach Holly and her power skating classes and lessons I would not be playing junior hockey right now, I guarantee that.  Trust me it does and will pay off.  Power skating is the key to success in this game and without it, you will not be playing up to your full potential.  I have known Coach Holly my entire hockey career, I started skating when I was just 3 years old, now I am 18 playing junior hockey in Marquette Michigan.  Coach Holly helped me become the skater I am today and I am very grateful and appreciate everything she has done for me.  She might be tough on you but she definitely knows what she is doing, so listen to her and you will go far."
- Todd Cooper - Marquette Royales - MnJHL - Tier III Junior
"My first skating instructor was Holly.  I hated skating at the time, and for good reason.  My legs were weak and my stride was ugly, Holly kept on me for many years getting me to improve my skating.  Luckily, I listened to her and it vastly improved my skating… not only on my straight away speed or quick starts, but equally important being strong on the puck and having great edge control.  Every level of hockey gets faster and faster, and without skating a player becomes irrelevant.  Thanks to Holly pushing my skating when I was young, I am now playing for the University of Michigan and hope to turn pro next year for the Colorado Avalanche program."

- Luke Moffatt - University of Michigan NCAA, Division I

"Holly Harrington taught me a lot and was an important influence in my hockey development.  Holly has always been very focused on the importance of dedication and hard work.  I learned and grew a great deal through many years of her Power Skating sessions.  As the goalie, Holly always said that the goalie’s had to be the best skaters and I believe her.  Any hockey player can only go so far if your skating ability and position skill are limited.  Holly is very focused on helping all players to improve their skating.  I remember as a 7 year old, crying on the way home because the power skating sessions were so hard and I couldn’t do the edges properly but I always came back.   Week after week, I came back to Holly to work hard and improve.  I didn’t call it power skating anymore, I just asked my Dad if we were going to Holly.  Throughout the years of my hockey development, I continued to attend Holly’s power skating sessions and I believe it was an important part of my success as I grew in the sport.  Whether it was winning a big game or playing in the Final game for USA Hockey’s National Championship, I was able to share that success in the sport with Holly and I am deeply grateful for what I have learned through her teaching. There is nothing in life that will
be handed to you.  You must work hard each day, with your sights set on your goals.  Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t and don’t get discouraged when you have set backs or injuries.  Take each day as an amazing blessing that you get a chance to skate and play thegame you love.   Every day is a “Great Day for Hockey”.   Holly has been an amazing influence on my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned to skate properly from such a great teacher."
- Dylan Hojnacki - Goaltender - University of Arizona
"Growing up to be a good hockey player, power skating is a must.  I was 6 years old when I started skating with Holly.  She really helped me with my balance, power, and stride.  It really helped my game throughout the years of my minor hockey before I quit as a squirt.  After taking a very long break from hockey and wanting to come back, I went to Holly for help.  At first I thought it was going to be impossible to get my skating where I left it.  What drills she did and still does today, created muscle memory keeping my skating ability, but having to get rid of the rust from not skating for 6 years.  Playing junior hockey now, Holly’s power skating helps me with balancing from checks, using power for checks and speed to leave the D-man in the dust.  Every hockey player wanting to get to the next level should skate with Holly."  

​- Steven Zavesky

"Holly's power skating classes have definitely made me a better hockey player. She forces you to push yourself and do all of her weird

drills that give you balance, increase your power and speed.  After working with Holly for ten years, she has definitely helped me move to the next level!"

​- Adam Zimmerman 

"My first time skating with Holly was my first year of travel hockey as well as my first year of U16 hockey. My skating ability was absolutely horrible. With the help of Holly, my ability to skate went through the roof. At first, I dreaded going to her classes because of the fear I would embarrass myself. However, I knew if I continued to skate with her and put in the effort it would payoff. And it did. My stride because more powerful and more explosive as well as my balance and edge control. Working with Holly has amazing results if you are willing to put in the work and the time."

​- Marshall Jones - Phoenix Firebirds U18AA

"I was six years old when I started playing ice hockey. I had a terrible stride like most kids at my age. Not only was my stride off, my idea of stopping was running into the boards. I was recommended to skate with this  Super woman instructor named Holly Harrington. Ms. Holly taught me how to stop, how to skate correctly using my edges, and how proper posture creates maximum strength and speed. Thanks to Holly I have always been the best skater on all of my hockey teams. She is by far the best skate instructor in the state of Arizona. Thanks Holly!"

​- Nicolas Scatino - 

"Goaltending is a lot more than stopping the puck, the movement from post to post, for the key pushes across the crease or getting to a rimmed puck behind the net.  The footwork and balance of a goaltender has advanced over the years.  Goalies have to be the best on their feet with edge work and consistency.  Cuts and gliding is incorporated in almost every play and rush down the ice. Being strong on your pushes or recoveries starts with the little details that I have learned from Holly.  Without the structure she has taught me and added to my game, I wouldn’t be where I am today."  

​- Forbes Grant Ploscaj - Corpus Cristi Ice Rays - NAHL

"Arizona and hockey may not seem like they would mix very well, but Arizona has produced many players with great skating ability.  Skating is a hockey player’s life-blood it helped me to get where I am today.  Thank you Holly."

​- Richie Coyne - University of Alaska - Fairbanks

"The importance of skating in the game of hockey is tremendous. The foundation of a player’s game comes from his or her ability to keep their balance, control their edges, and skate. A player may have great hands or a great shot, but if he or she can’t skate, playing at top levels are not likely. Even Patrick Kane, Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk, Evgeni Malkin, Steven Stamkos, or Matt Duchene has incredible skating ability. The amount of skilled hockey players are numerous, but in order to reach a competitive level, a player must master the most fundamental part of the game – skating. There are so many aspects of the game that can put a player above the average just because of skating. Quick starts and acceleration to get to loose pucks first or create room for themselves, edge control in order to get out of tight situations or simply keep balance, and just overall great skating to be faster than their opponent. Skating can make or break a hockey player. Herb Brooks said it best, “The legs feed the wolf.” Personally, skating was the one thing that helped me prosper in my hockey career. Because I started playing hockey late, I was automatically behind everyone else when I started as a squirt at ten years old. The one thing that made me the hockey player I am today was going to Holly’s skating lessons religiously and concentrating on being the best skater I could be. With a lack of soft hands and shooting ability early in my career, skating was the one thing that gave me the ability to play among my competitors. I have always been one of the fastest and best skaters on the teams I have played for, and that was what lead me to play on AAA national-contending teams, be currently playing for the NAU Ice Jacks and even get an NCAA d3 offer. Puck control, better hands, and a better shot developed as I got older, but I would have never gotten the opportunity to develop those skills if it wasn’t for being able to play at top levels because of my skating ability and learning to be the best skater I could be from Holly. The foundation of every player’s game is skating!!"
- Chris Eades - Northern Arizona University
"Hello my name is Kirby Carlson.  I have been skating with Holly Harrington for roughly 17 years.  I started young at the age of 4 and have been skating with her throughout my career to Juniors and now onto college hockey.  Holly taught me from a very young age that skating is a vital part of the game, as most people know.  However, becoming a good skating can make the biggest difference in the game at any level.  At first, I was hesitant to go to power skating with Holly because I knew it would be hard work and she would push me to my limits.  Once I got older, I started to embrace the extra effort I put into skating, and the extra effort she put into helping me become the best skater I could be.  After years of applying her skating techniques to my game, I played during competitions it became very evident that I could use my skating to my advantage allowing me to compete with players who may have been bigger, stronger, or more talented than myself.  As I matured and played higher levels of hockey other coaches and scouts said the one thing that stood out in their assessment of my play was my skating ability whether it was speed, edge control, or acceleration.  I credit many of my successes in hockey towards Holly’s teaching and would highly recommend her to any player trying to get an edge in their game."

​- Kirby Carlson - Northern Arizona University